Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Message From Those Searching For Osama bin Laden in the Tribal Areas of Pakistan

From time to time we have featured the writings of our correspondent Muhammad Khurshid who lives in Bajaur Agency, Tribal Areas of Pakistan. This is his latest message:

To: Mr. John E. Carey
Peace and Freedom blog

Dear Sir,

I am Muhammad Khurshid contributing articles to you from Bajaur Agency, Tribal Areas of Pakistan.

Your writings are very beneficial for humanity at least for me and people of Bajaur Agency. The people of Bajaur Agency really grateful to you.

Situation in our areas is still tense as the terrorists and the government forces are engaged in defeating each other. The main victims of this endless war are innocent tribal people mostly women and children.

I have written a letter to U.S. President Bush on behalf of people of Bajaur Agency. In the letter the people of Bajaur Agency have shown their willingness to hand over their weapons to the United States. But so far no response was received.

The most interesting thing which can be noted that the US has been spending some money on the welfare of the tribal people to win their hearts, but that money was spent through the corrupt officials of Pakistan government. The tribal areas people are now demanding that the US government and people should establish direct contact with them.

As far as your web site is concerned it is marvelous and nice. Again thank you very much.

Muhammad Khurshid
Khar, Bajaur Agency Tribal Areas, Pakistan



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