Wednesday, January 03, 2007

America, You Are Beautiful

Kamala Sarup
January 3, 2007

At present I am talking about freedom which never ends or ceases. Freedom should not burn like acigarette. Freedom should be like the moon which symbolizes light in the dark night - a symbol of regard .

Your freedom means, existence of earth, stars, the moon and to the moment by heart, soul and mind.

Today, I wish you a Happy New Year as well as a prosperous year.

I know, freedom is the supreme truth.

I believe in freedom, like the sun iscovered. Whenever you will be in the extreme feel of freedom, the pain and sorrow will be wiped out. This is the foundation of your freedom America.

I am fully experienced now, what is to be taken positively. To unite in feeling is the ultimate thing in this world. I hope you will do your best with patience, activeness, experience, responsibility to achieve the current goal. I am confident that you will take everything with honors and respect.

After my meeting with you, every second, minute and hour is memorable to me. To be very frank, you have become the part of my heart.

Sometime we need to fight to achieve the goal of freedom. I believe, strong feeling keeps the freedom strong.

There must be strength in our determination. Freedom ultimately provides satisfaction. This is the life activeness.

Your beauty America, carrying the flower of faith and confidence. It is heart that should be taller and greater than our life, freedom cannot be sold. By stitching our heart ,we can share our tears !

Outside, the moon is beautiful. I think is that freedom should be like a moon which stares at the earth without a click. This age , the moment of internet has helped me to be the happiest creature of this world. The cool breeze is blowing outside . I can see the long ribbon like road to the south of my rented -room. The road is busy. It has become my duty to look up the busy road, the road is road . It does not loose its track like the heart . This might be the prime feature of road . The vehicles and crowd make the road busy . The road never hesitates.There is no cold outside .

The environment is attractive. I stop to watch the crowd and the kids on the road. The streets are busy and the people in thestreet are more busy. So now, I believe in deepfreedom and love which I think must be delicateas well . It is my assumption that freedomshould be as delicate as flower.

If we accept this principle we will be one stepforward in the field of freedom and we candedicate our self for the immortality of humanityand love.

When I feel love for you, the moment becomes the most important moment. Let's keep your freedom continuously.

Nepali Journalist and Story Writer Kamala Sarupis an editor of She isspecialising in in-depth reporting and writing onPeace, Anti War, Women, Terrorism, Democracy, andDevelopment. Some of her publications are:Women's Empowerment (Booklet). Prevention oftrafficking in women through media,(Book) Effortsto Prevent Trafficking in for Media Activism(Media research). Two Stories collections. Herinterests include international conflictresolution, cross-cultural communication,philosophy, feminism, political, socio-economicand literature. Her current plans are to move onto humanitarian work in conflict areas in thenear future. She also is experienced inorganizational and community development.


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